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Czech birth number

What is a Czech birth number?

Czech birth number (Czech rodné číslo) is a personal identifier composed of 10-digit numbers divisible by 11 with no remainder, with the first two numbers being the last two numbers of the person’s birth year, the third and fourth numbers being the month of birth (for women we add 50 to that number, for example, if a female assigned at a birth person was born in June, her second two numbers are 06+50 = 56) and the fifth and sixth numbers are the date of birth. Therefore, for a female assigned at the birth person who was born on the 12th of February 1975, the first six numbers would 755212. The purpose of the last four numbers is to differentiate between people born on the same day and can be anywhere between 0000 and 9999.
People born before 1.1.1954 had birth numbers with the same structure but only 9 numbers overall and it was not divisible by 11.
The birth numbers appointed in Slovakia before 1.1.1993 are also accepted as birth numbers as long as they meet the requirements mentioned above.

What is the purpose of a Czech birth number (Czech rodné číslo)?

It is a personal identifier, showing the date of birth and the sex of the person it belongs to. It is listed for example on the Czech identity card. Banks often require a birth number to open a bank account. Similarly, it is used as the insurance number for both health insurance and social security. Since these birth numbers are considered to be personal information, they are following the regulations on data protection and privacy and can only be used with the owner’s consent.

Who can acquire a Czech birth number (Czech rodné číslo)?

In the Czech Republic, the birth numbers can be appointed to:
  • An individual at birth or at adoption;
  • A citizen who has not yet been appointed a birth number;
  • A foreigner with a residency permit;
  • A foreigner who has been granted international protection through asylum or additional protection;
  • A foreigner who has applied for a birth number and meets the special requirements such as study or employment;
  • An individual whose birth number has been requested by the Czech Social Security Administration or the District Social Security Administration according to a certain regulation

Who appoints the Czech birth numbers?

If you are born in the Czech Republic, you will be granted a Czech birth number by the Registry Office. If a person with Czech citizenship is born in a foreign country, they need to contact a specialized Registry Office.

If you are an inhabitant (a citizen of the Czech Republic, an individual who has since lost their Czech citizenship, or a foreigner who is a family member of a Czech citizen), a foreigner without a residency permit or a residency permit for a stay shorter than 90 days and applying for the birth number because of study or employment or an individual whose birth number has been requested by the Czech Social Security Administration or the District Social Security Administration, you will need to contact the Ministry of Interior - Department of Administrative Activities.

Lastly, if you are a foreigner with a residency permit or a foreigner who has been granted international protection through asylum you will need to apply at the Ministry of Interior –Department for Asylum and Migration Policy.

Where can I find my birth number(Czech rodné číslo)?

Czech rodné číslo o a foreigner can be found:

On the Czech birth certificate

Biometric card(long-term residency of Non-EU citizens). Check section " Poznamky"

Green Book ( permanent residency of EU citizens) Check page number 2 and section "Rodné číslo"

Temporary residency certificate of the EU citizen. Check page number 3 and section "Rodné číslo"

If the rodne cislo section doesn't contain your Czech birth number, then it wasn't generated before you get your residency ID documents. Your next residency will be issued with your birth number or you should additionally apply for Czech birth number verification certificate at Ministry of Internal.

Czech rodne cislo arrangement can take up to one year and it is important to provide the right information for the application. One of the main reasons of the delay with your rodne cislo is confusion or the wrong City of Birth or missing information about the mother's maiden name.

If you need help arranging your Czech birth number please check our service package!

Why don't I have my Czech birth number after living here for so long?

Generating a Czech birth number is not always guaranteed. If there was confusion in your previous residency applications, such as missing details like your mother's maiden name, or specifying a town of birth that exists in multiple countries, it may complicate the process of rodne cislo registration.
These things can make it complicated to get your birth number even if you have lived in the Czech Republic for some years.

The birth number for a foreigner in the Czech Republic is generated by the Czech Statistical Authority. When you apply for a residency permit, the Czech Ministry of Interior (MOI) asks the Statistical Authority to generate a birth number the Czech Statistical Authority as part of your residency application process.
if everything goes smoothly, the Statistical Office provides the birth number to MOI, and it's then issued by the MOI on your new biometric card, residency book, or temporary residency certificate.

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