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Temporary Residence for EU family member
Family members of European Union residents can apply for temporary residency in the Czech Republic. We can help prepare your necessary documents and arrange the application for the Czech Republic residence permit for a family member. We help make the process of obtaining a Temporary Residence permit for family members in the Czech Republic easier for you and your family.
Temporary Residency Certificate for EU citizens
EU citizens staying in the Czech Republic for longer than three months may want to get a temporary residency permit in the Czech Republic. This can help if you want to buy the property or have a car while living here. We prepare your registration and arrange the necessary appointments so you can focus on enjoying your time here.
Permanent Residence for EU citizens
You can qualify to get your permanent residence in the Czech Republic if you have worked here for five consecutive years. We can support you in getting your permanent residence permit through preparing your paperwork, arranging appointments, and ensuring you have what you need to be approved.
Czech Foreign Police registration
Registering with the foreign police is one of the first steps that many need to take when planning to spend some longer time in the Czech Republic. We can assist you with your Czech foreign police check meeting and translate during the process so you won’t have to worry about missing any details.
Czech Partnership visa
If you are a non-EU citizen who is partnered with an EU citizen, you could qualify for a Czech partnership visa even if you two are not married or in a civil partnership. Pexpats can guide you through the process of obtaining your partnership visa in the Czech Republic and answer all your questions.
Sometimes visa applications need a little more information, or maybe something didn’t go as planned during the process. We can help with your VÝZVA K ODSTRANĚNÍ VAD ŽÁDOSTI deadline extension in case this happens, and apply to give you more time to submit everything for your visa approval.
Permanent residency for Temporary residency holders
Do you have your temporary residency and want to get your permanent residency in the Czech Republic now that you’ve reached the five-year mark? We will ensure you have all of your questions answered regarding permanent residency vs temporary residency and can successfully submit an application with no hassle.
Biometric card for British citizens after Brexit
Following Brexit, UK citizens living in the Czech Republic must have a temporary or permanent residency, as well as a biometric card to stay here. We can help with the application process for Czech residency for UK citizens and the exchange for a biometric card.
Residency address change
At some point you may decide to move and need to change your address in the Czech Republic. You must notify the Ministry of the Interior within 30 days of moving and we can work with you to ensure you can quickly get your residency address changed.
Freelancer Visa for UK citizens
As a UK citizen living in the Czech Republic, you might decide to work on a freelancing visa. For UK citizens this means applying for and obtaining a long term visa which allows you to freelance in the Czech Republic. Pexpats is here to assist you through every step of this process.
Czech Long-Term Visa for UK Citizens
Since Brexit, things have changed for UK citizens living abroad. At Pexpats we offer services to help obtain long-term visas for UK citizens living in the Czech Republic. We take the guesswork out of the application process and make a smoother transition into getting EU visas for UK citizens.
Registration of Public Insurance for Permanent Residency holders
If you already have your permanent residency, you need to make sure you also have insurance in the Czech Republic. We can help you register for public insurance in the Czech Republic, and assist with any of the processes involved with arranging insurance for permanent residency holders.
Permanent residency based on partnership visa
If you’ve had a partnership visa in the Czech Republic for five years, you could be eligible for a permanent residency based on a partnership spouse visa. You could even qualify to apply for permanent residency after two years in some cases. We will make the application process smooth and simple for you and your partner.
Registering a new passport
If your passport will be expiring during your time here, we can guide you through registering a new passport in the Czech Republic. You won’t need a Czech passport, but if you have any time of visa or residency in the Czech Republic we can complete the necessary processes of notifying the Ministry of the Interior.
We offer consultation sessions to answer any questions you may have regarding our services. These consultations can cover a wide range of topics including acquiring your Czech visa, getting Czech residency, providing tax advice and optimization, and offer information about the different business types and creation of your own business in the Czech Republic.
Temporary residence for British citizens
UK Citizens must possess at least a temporary residence permit to live and work in the Czech Republic. Pexpats can help arrange and apply for temporary residence for British citizens and answer any questions you might have along the way about the process or laws.
Permanent residency EU family member
As an EU resident or EU family member, you could qualify for temporary residency or permanent residency in the Czech Republic. Pexpats can help you through the application process by arranging the necessary meetings and supporting you through obtaining the required documents and steps.
Czech Birth number
If you already have a residency in the Czech Republic, but never obtained a Czech birth number- Rodne čislo, we can arrange it for you. We will book and appointment and accompany you.