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Flat Tax Registration


Since the Czech Republic is becoming a country with more affordable taxes let’s take a look at a new upcoming option on how to pay taxes! Freelancers and business persons may pay income tax, social tax, and health insurance altogether by flat tax mode - “paušální daň”.
From the 1st of January 2021, you will need just one form and one payment to complete all of your tax duties.

The sum has these parts:
Income Tax – 100 CZK
Health Insurance – 2.393 CZK
Social Tax – 2.976 CZK

How to pay?

Just by sending the total sum on one bank account (Czech Financial Office). Don't forget to use you reference number!
This applies only for the year 2021, next year the price will increase.

Who can apply for a Czech Flat Tax?

  • Freelancers and business person who do not exceed 1 000 000CZK income/annual
You can not apply if:
  • You are a VAT payer
  • You have an income from a full-time job or DPČ contract
  • You are a debtor to some authority


  • No tax report
  • Government promises no controls from Tax Office
  • No paperwork
  • No accountant is needed

Contact us and we can help you with the registration of Flat Tax!