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Complete this survey with your personal information to prepare your Temporary Residency Registration Application for download in Czech language. Note: All information you input automatically saves, and DETAILS MUST BE EXACTLY AS IS IN YOUR PASSPORT.

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The parents’ information is necessary in order to apply for a Czech birth number (rodne cislo). Please complete the following information including the mother’s maiden name. Note that completing all fields is mandatory. If one of the parents has passed away, complete the residence field with “deceased”.
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Do everything yourself?

If you only need the application form, feel free to take over yourself from here. You can download your form and head to the office in-person. All applications are generated in Czech language and ready for you to submit. Just remember to schedule some time off for the trip, and prepare for the usual waits in line!
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Let Pexpats do everything from here!

And when we say everything, we mean everything. Pexpats makes our clients’ peace-of-mind a top priority, with many 100% remote services to save expats both time and energy. You can trust us to handle every detail of your case, while you sit back and relax!
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The Application Forms Generator helps expats find, fill in, and download official applications for Czech Immigration and Tax Offices. This tool is completely free for public use, and enables anybody to generate official documents by completing a quick survey. Users simply fill in their information, and then preview / download application forms for different offices.

The answers you provide to complete official documents will only be used to generate your official application form. Pexpats’ processes all information in accordance with GDPR / EU data laws. We do not share any information with 3rd parties, and we only use your data if you share it with us voluntarily as a client of Pexpats.

It is possible to submit some immigration forms either by post, Data Box (Datové schránky), or email with electronic signature. These include reporting changes or a loss, applications for registration / history of residence / extension of residency, or appeals / appointment requests. However, there are many application forms which you must submit in-person. That, or have somebody submit documents on your behalf, remotely under Power of Attorney (like Pexpats).

Procedures you will need to complete in-person (or through legal representation) often involve residency permits and visa requests. These include for example collecting biometric data, new residency permit documents, or a foreigner’s passport / travel identity. Other reasons applicants need to appear in-person can be to receive a visa in a travel document, register arrival, conduct an interview, or receive a departure order.

If you submitted an application in-person, your reference number will be on a confirmation paper the office gives you. The number is formatted as: OAM-12345/XX-20YY. If you made the application by post, Data Box, or email by electronic signature, you will need to call to learn the reference number. In this case, the foreigner’s client center can provide a reference number usually a few days after the submission of an application.

It is possible to check the status of an immigration application online through the official web portal for foreigners. To do this, you will need the reference number of your application. Alternatively, it is possible to go in-person to the office responsible for your application, or to request in writing an official notification on the state of your proceedings. Note: It is not possible for information hotline operators to share the status of an application by phone.

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