Client Online Application Forms

Online application forms are intended only for Pexpat clients requesting services. Complete the form to help your agent begin processing your request and arranging your services. Note: All survey questions ask for only information necessary to complete applications for official Czech authorities. We use your answers only as the first step of your service package, while all data is protected in accordance with GDPR / EU laws. For more information, see FAQs below.

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Client Application Forms are intended only for Pexpats clients who are ready to start moving forward with their service request. If a Pexpats’ agent did not guide you to this page, please see our list of services before completing any surveys.

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Usually, a Pexpat’s agent will direct you to these forms when ready to start moving forward with a service request. However, if you do not have an agent, it is still possible to request services here. Just note that the surveys for different services take some time to complete. Thus, be sure you understand the specific service you are requesting before filling out an application.

The answers you provide to complete official documents will only be used to generate your official application form. Pexpats’ processes all information in accordance with GDPR / EU data laws. We do not share any information with 3rd parties, and we only use your data if you share it with us voluntarily as a client of Pexpats.

Pexpats processes all information you submit in the application and surveys in accordance with GDPR / EU data laws. We do not share any of your information with 3rd parties, and we only use the data you provide to complete documents related to your services.

After submitting this application, the agent responsible for your case will be in touch to arrange the Power of Attorney. The PoA allows your agent to handle all registration processes and communication with relevant offices on your behalf, 100% remotely. On application approval, your agent will then share payment instructions, and accompany you to pick up confirmation from the authorities.