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Getting Czech tax residency certificate

A certificate of your Czech tax residency can help you avoid double taxation (having your income taxed twice).
The application for proof of Czech tax residency should be lodged at your local tax office in the Czech Republic.
To be eligible, you must come from a country with which the Czech Republic has concluded a bilateral international double tax avoidance treaty*. Individuals and legal entities may both apply for the Czech tax residency certificate.

How to apply for a Czech tax residency certificate :

You can apply for a confirmation of your Czech tax residency in three ways:
  1. In-person,
  2. Through your databox or
  3. Through a representative who can do it for you based on a power of attorney.


– Your application must be written in the Czech language.
– The proof of the Czech tax residency may be issued for the date of your application form or another past date. It cannot be issued for a future date.
– The confirmation can also be issued for a completed or partial tax period in the past. In the second case, you must specify the start and ending date, e.g. from 1.1.2020 to 1.4.2020.
– You can apply using an application form from another country if that country only accepts applications that use its own form. The original form should be provided with a Czech translation.

Information needed to prove your Czech tax residency

Information about the source of your income in the Czech Republic: e.g. employment, a business, property rental, retirement funds
-Personal details: marital status, details of any children and their residence in the Czech Republic
-Proof of Czech residency, e.g. your residency permit or confirmation of your address (rent contract, property deed)
– Work contract, trade licence, or other proof you have binding ties to the Czech Republic, e.g. the residency permit of your spouse/child or their rent contract


The country requiring the confirmation of your Czech tax residency might require the document to be super legalized or apostilled.

Czech tax residency assistance in Prague

Want to avoid the hassles of arranging your Czech tax residency certificate on your own in Prague?
PraguExpats can take care of the entire process for you using the power of attorney. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Countries with which the Czech Republic currently has double-taxation agreements: -Albania -Armenia -Australia -Austria -Azerbaijan -Bahrain -Barbados -Belarus -Belgium -Bosnia and Herzegovina -Brazil -Bulgaria -Canada -China -Croatia -Cyprus -Denmark -Egypt -Estonia -Ethiopia -Finland -France -Georgia -Germany -Greece -Hong Kong -Hungary -Iceland -India -Indonesia -Ireland -Israel -Italy -Japan -Jordan -Kazakhstan -Korea -Kuwait -Latvia -Lebanon -Lithuania -Luxembourg - North Macedonia -Malaysia -Malta -Mexico -Moldova -Mongolia -Morocco -Netherlands -New Zealand -Nigeria -Norway -Panama -Philippines -Poland -Portugal -Romania -Russia -Saudi Arabia -Serbia -Montenegro -Singapore -Slovakia -Slovenia -South Africa -Spain -Sri Lanka -Sweden -Switzerland -Syria -Tajikistan -Thailand -Tunisia -Turkey -Ukraine -United Arab Emirates -United Kingdom -United States -Uzbekistan -Venezuela -Vietnam