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Online appointment and visa status check for Czech visa

The Czech Ministry of internal has two online services for foreigners which you may not know about.

1. Online appointment system for immigration office services.

Most of the foreigners already have experiences visiting the immigration office without an appointment and waiting almost all day until they call thier numbers. Staying at the MOI with many people may be so stressful and confusing.
So, here the best way to make an appointment and arrange your application or bridging visa for less than 5 minutes.
You should register your personal account on the foreigners’ reservation system and make your appointment reservation and it is in English.

The suggestions of PraguExpats:
The appointment slots for next month are always available in current months. If you want to get a more available appointment slots, then you should make your appointment a month earlier.  Appointments for bridge visa renewal. According to immigration rule, there should not be a time gap more than 30 days between the expiration of your current bridge visa and start date of your new bridge visa. For Example, Your current bridge visa expires on September 30 and you can get a new bridge visa only after September 1. So, your appointment for bridge visa can be any day after September 1.

Information for US Citizens!

Your name should be the same as in your passport, Name+ Middle name

You can get your account registered here: https://frs.gov.cz/en/node/add/registrace

2. Check your visa status online

For checking your visa status, you don’t need to visit or call to MOI offices. Your file status can be checked online. On the day of your visa or residency application, you receive confirmation from MOI officer. You can find your file number on the left bottom of the confirmation. It has a format of OAM-XXXX/XX-2019. You can check your application status online here: https://frs.gov.cz/en/ioff/application-status

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