Car registration office service

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If you a car owner, we can offer, services such as:

Transfer of ownership
According to Czech Law transfer of ownership should be notified within 30 days, otherwise, you must get a fine.

Duplicating car certificate
In case, If your car certificate was lost, stolen or destroyed, you must arrange the new certificate.

Replacing plate numbers
In case, If your plate numbers were lost, stolen or destroyed you must inform the car registration office as soon as possible and arrange the new one.

Temporary vehicle de-registration
If you are moving out of the Czech Republic or you have any other issue under which you can't continue to use the car, but you don't want to sell it, you can de-register it. De-registration will help you not to pay e.g. insurance on the period when you are not in the country.

Change of initials
If you are moving to another place, you must inform the car registration office of all changes. It should be done as soon as you move, otherwise, you will get fine, which will be delivered to the old address.

Pexpats help you with each process.
We prepare all the paperwork and we will support you through every step of the entire process. Most tasks are done for you under the power of attorney, so you save your time and avoid bureaucratic hassles.

What's in your Car Service package

  • Complete preparation of your paperwork
  • Handling of all technical issues
  • Booking of all your appointments
  • Support in-person
  • Faster and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Car documents
  2. Copy of residency certificate and passport
  3. Power of attorney with the authorized signature


  1. Registering the new address for updating the car certificate 3.300 CZK
  2. Transfer of ownership 5.200 CZK
  3. Change of Initials 2.900 CZK
  4. Duplicating car certificate 2.900 CZK
  5. Replacing plate number 2.900 CZK
  6. Temporary vehicle de-registration 2.900 CZK
*Prices include the registration fee


  1. contact us with the interesting service
  2. Send us a scan of residency certificate, passport and car documents
  3. Meet at our office and bring original car documents
  4. Your new car certificate is ready

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