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If you’re a holder of an employee card in the Czech Republic and you want to change the job, you need to notify the Ministry of the interior. Praguexpats can help you with the complete process.

What’s in your Change of employer package?

  • Arranging application form
  • Checking your contracts
  • Applying with a power of attorney on behalf of you
  • Fast and easy-to-understand answers all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. Termination letter from the previous employer
  3. New contract from the new employer
  4. Signed power of attorney at our office
  5. Reference number from the labour office


  1. Get in touch with us to launch your Change of employer package;
  2. Bring the contracts;
  3. Sign the power of attorney;
  4. We will announce employment change under the power of attorney;
  5. Your new employer receives confirmation about the change of employment.


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