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Consultation is a meeting which is held to discuss some issue/question.
If you didn't decide to purchase a service from us, you still have a chance to get answers to any of your questions regarding immigration. taxes and other services that we can provide for you!
After when you decide to buy a service from us the payment from consultancy will be deducted from the service price!
The consultation can be done in person at our office or online!

What's in your Consultation Package?

  • The complete and full answer to your questions
  • Professional advice

What you need to provide

  • Explain your issue and send us a list of the questions that you want to get clear answers
  • Bring all documents according to your problem/issue


  1. Contact us;
  2. Explain your issue in details;
  3. Bring related documents;
  4. We will provide answers to each of your question.


2 700

Complete service amount

*Kids free of charge!