Czech Company registration

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If you’re planning to run a business from the Czech Republic, you’ll want to set up a Czech company. The most common type of registered company is an “s.r.o.”(limited liability company). Pexpats help you with the entire process.

We prepare all the paperwork for your application and support you through every step of the process. Most tasks are done for you with a power of attorney so you save your time and avoid the bureaucratic hassles. Instead, you can get on with what really matters: growing your business. In a week, Pexpats sets up your Czech company which is fully registered and can operate anywhere in the EU.

What’s in your Czech Company Package

  • Consultation session
  • Drafting of your company’s founding documents
  • Registration of all required trade licenses
  • Registration in the Commercial Register
  • Registration with the Tax Office
  • Preparation of all corporate documents
  • The satisfaction of all registration duties
  • Set-up of company’s databox
  • Help with establishing a bank account
  • Instructions on tax duties, incl. VAT
  • Registering of virtual office if required
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. Name of your company
  3. Preferences for shareholders and managing directors
  4. Notarized power of attorney for setting up your company
  5. Your signature on the foundation documents
  6. Starting capital in the company’s bank account. This can be as little as 1 CZK.
  7. Your criminal record from your country of origin*
* This document isn’t needed if you have permanent residency in the Czech Republic. If you’re an EU citizen with temporary residency, you may replace your criminal record with a sworn statement. Let us know if you need any help with getting your criminal record.

(Czech Republic 2020)

  1. The fixed fee for your Czech Company Package is 19.900 CZK
Additional expenses:
  1. Notary fees 6.000 CZK
  2. Trade licence office fees 1.000 CZK
  3. Commercial court duties 6.000 CZK
  4. [Optional] Virtual office for one year with ongoing notifications 10.000 CZK**

**If you’re able to use your home address or some other location as your official Czech business address, you will avoid this cost


  1. Send us your top 5 (or more) names for your Czech company
  2. We’ll check the legal availability of those names and come back to you with our recommendations
  3. Book your appointment with us
  4. Meet at our offices and bring all the documents you need to provide
  5. Sign all the corporate set-up documents and a power of attorney for the set-up and registration process
  6. We establish and register your company for you
  7. Your Czech company’s ready! Visit our offices to pick up your full set of corporate documents and tax instructions

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