Czech Student Visa - study in the Czech Republic

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If you plan to study in the Czech Republic, you’ll need to obtain a long-term visa/residency. You are not in the Czech Republic? PraguExpats can arrange your process remotely.
We provide support with every aspect of your application for a Czech long-term visa/residency including preparing all your paperwork.

What’s in your Student Visa Package?

  • Setting up the complete documents and application form
  • Complete arrangement of your application for a long-term visa in the Czech Republic
  • Translation of the documents ( For students who apply at Czech embassies in Europe)
  • One Zoom call
  • Setting up your affidavit (US citizens)
  • Collecting all of your documents
  • Booking of your appointment at the Czech embassy
  • Monitoring of your immigration status with regular updates
  • Foreign police registration assistance ( Only if you are not staying at the dorm)
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport*
  2. Official confirmation of studies (Can be sent to our office or we can collect it from your university)
  3. Two (2) passport ID-sized photos**
  4. A bank account statement showing a balance of approx 6600 USD***
  5. Confirmation of your legal accommodation (e.g. a rental contract or other confirmation from the property owner)****
  6. Criminal clearance report (If you’re a US citizen, this should be a signed affidavit from the US embassy)*****

*Your passport must have been issued within the last 10 years and should be valid for at least 9 months from the date of your application. It must contain 2 consecutive blank pages.
**Photos should be in color and 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with a white background.
***This should be an original document issued by your bank with a stamp and signature.
****Can be sent to our office or we can collect it from your university
*****To obtain this document, please make an appointment with your local US embassy. If you’re in the Czech Republic, you can do this here. The cost of the affidavit is 50 USD.


* We can take care of the whole process remotely!
  1. Let us know if you are interested in getting your student visa;
  2. Send us a scan of the proof of accommodation or rent contract;
  3. Confirm with your university that you are doing the process with us;
  4. We will collect the documents from your university
  5. We will book an appointment (Only if your apply in Europe);
  6. Your visa is ready! Collect your visa;
  7. We come with you to the Czech Foreign police registration ( Only if you are not staying at the dorm)



Complete service amount

"Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good." Sailor Jerry

Additional expenses

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Czech Embassy processing fee

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Translation per page

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Shipping approx.

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Health insurance approx.

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