Paternity Leave

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Paternity leave is a form of support for families who has small children. Basically, it is for parents who care for the youngest child (no older than 4 years old). Biological parents, foster parents, or court-ordered guardians are eligible for this benefit. But one parent can apply for it!
Some of the benefits are the same for all parents, depends on income, some other benefits are considering the family’s economic situation.

What’s in your Paternity Leave Package?

  • Preparing all application forms for Paternity Leave
  • Helping with the Salary statement

What you need to provide

  1. Your passport
  2. Proof of your legal accommodation in the Czech Republic (e.g. rental contract, ownership deed, or proof of accommodation form from the legal property owner)
  3. Income confirmation


  1. Meet us at our office (we’ll send you directions);
  2. We provide support throughout the registration process;
  3. You’re registered with the Paternity Leave benefits!


8 300

Complete service amount

*Kids free of charge!