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Freelancers (fair trade license holders) in the Czech Republic must file taxes once every year. If invoicing any EU-registered business client outside of the CZ, you must also register as a Light VAT payer. This entails additional tax reporting requirements, which can sometimes be a handful to say the least.

For one, you must submit monthly VAT-Light Reports to the Czech Financial office. In fact, you have 15 days from the date of invoicing outside the CZ to make these reports. This is in addition to the annual tax report. The annual tax report declares earned income along with health & social insurance contributions. It also declares any deductibles or tax credits, which after calculated amounts to what’s owed in taxes.

What this means is regularly collecting official statements, prepping documents, and too-often traveling from office to office. It’s not only time-consuming, getting everything submitted on time, to the right place, and correctly can be stressful. Especially if you don’t speak Czech! But here, Pexpats can help. We handle everything on your behalf, from monthly Light VAT reports to filing taxes at year’s end. Read on to discover our All-Inclusive Tax Package for yourself.

What’s in the All-Inclusive Tax Package?

The idea behind our All-Inclusive Tax package is to take the bureaucratic burden off taxpayers and Light-VAT payers. The package provides collection and preparation of documents, monthly Light-VAT reporting, and fulfilling annual tax reports accurately and on-time.

You don’t even have to leave home or the office. Pexpats can handle everything completely remotely and under Power of Attorney. We’ll keep record of your income over the year, and file all reports on your behalf without needing a follow-up. You’ll only hear back from us when your annual statement is ready.
There’s even consultation with certified accountants to ensure you won’t have to look for help elsewhere. All you have to do is purchase once and forget about your taxes for the year.

The work we take off your hands

  • Complete preparation of the annual tax report
  • Monthly Light-VAT invoice reporting
  • Confirmation of advances to social insurance
  • Calculation of health insurance contributions
  • Completion of social and health insurance reports
  • Accounting for and reporting any tax credits or deductibles
  • Calculation of annual income taxes owed
  • English-language summary of tax rebates / payments
  • Step-by-step instructions on receiving rebates and making payments
  • Consultation with certified tax accountants
  • Completely remote preparation and filing (with DataBox, “datova schránka”)
  • Guaranteed after-service support if any complications arise
  • Worry-free reporting and filing at a fixed price, with no hidden or additional fees

What you need to provide

  • Complete a quick questionnaire
  • Provide scans or photos of your invoices from the previous year
  • Share bank statements from the last year in the account linked to your business

How to get started

  • Fill out the questionnaire to inform of us of your situation
  • Send us the necessary documents
  • Begin sending us monthly invoices
  • Relax until tax time! We’ve got it from here.rebates/payments
Note: Monthly subscription fee is 1200 CZK and Fees are paid 12 months prior


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