Biometric Card assistance

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If your residency is approved you should go through a biometric card procedure. The appointment should be done by phone. The biometric card process is done in 2 steps. In the first appointment, the immigration office will get your photo and biometric data and 15 days later you should come for the collection.

Pexpats will help you with the initial process.

What’s in your Biometric card assistance Package?

  • Booking your appointment for a biometric card procedure
  • Accompanying you for both appointments

What you need to provide

  1. Send us a scan of your passport
  2. The dates and time when you CANNOT go to the appointment


  1. Send your passport scan to us;
  2. We will book your appointment;
  3. We will accompany you to your appointment;
  4. We will come with you for the residency collection.


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