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If you have studied abroad or had a professional qualification and you want to apply for a study or job/trade license in the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic require applicants to provide a copy of a bachelor's degree, secondary education diploma or certificate of complete professional qualification. It should be equal to the Czech one. All required documents for the recognition should be legalized (it depends on the country of origin).

We provide support with every aspect of your application for nostrification including preparing all the documents.

What’s in your Diploma Recognition Package

  • Application form for the recognition of equality or for the recognition of the validity of a foreign certificate
  • Translation of the documents
  • Apostille or Super Legalization of needed documents (Check the list of the countries if the apostille is needed)
  • Sending by post

What you need to provide

  1. Original diploma or equivalent certificate*
  2. Original diploma supplement or a list of exams passed (with hours)*
  3. Power of attorney which you will sign at our office or send via regular mail
  4. Marriage certificate or another document that shows name changing (if it happened after obtaining your diploma)*
  5. Official decision to grant the refugee status (if you have been granted the refugee status)
  6. Full description of study path (if it is for Master studies, you should submit your Bachelor degree)
*we will legalize all copies

The application is usually dealt with within 30 days, or within 60 days in more complex cases.


The fixed fee for your:
  1. Secondary education diploma is 6.500 CZK
  2. Bachelor, Master's degree diplomas 9.900 CZK
  3. Professional qualification 9.900 CZK

Other expenses:
  • Authority fee:
For the secondary diploma education is 1.000 CZK
For a bachelor degree is 3.000 CZK
For professional qualification is 2.000 CZK
  • Translation**
  • Legalization**
**The fees are individual, depends on the number of the pages


!We can do the whole process for you remotely!
  1. Send us a request
  2. Send us all the needed documents
  3. Make a payment
  4. Wait for the decision
  5. Get your diploma recognition

How do we work with clients remotely