Czech Driver's License assistance

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EU citizens and citizens of certain countries can exchange their driver’s licenses which were obtained from their home country.
After Brexit, UK citizens are still able to exchange their driver's license, as it meets EU standards!

Pexpats will help you with the initial process.

What’s in your Czech driver’s license assistance Package?

  • Booking your appointment for your driver’s license exchange
  • Assistance with preparation of the documents
  • Accompanying you for application appointment
  • Accompanying you for collection appointment*

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. Driver license from your home country
  3. Bank contract + bank statements for last 6 months
  4. The rent contract should be older than 6 months and should 't be expired
  5. Work contract (should be older than 6 months and should 't be expired) or Trade license (It is possible to exchange expired driver's license if it was issued in the EU)
  6. Income tax report from the previous year (if you have a trade license)
  7. Other documents (gym, electricity, mobile phone, internet contract)


  1. Get in touch with us;
  2. We will book your appointment;
  3. We will accompany you to your appointment;
  4. We will come with you to your Czech driver’s license collection ( optional)


4 100

Complete service amount

"Good work ain't cheap. Cheap work ain't good." Sailor Jerry

Additional expenses

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1 700

[Optional] Collection of the driver licence

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