Extension of Freelancer visa and Residency permit

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If you have a long-term visa as a freelancer in the Czech Republic, you’ll need to renew it before it expires. Pexpats help you with the entire process.

We prepare all the paperwork for your visa and trade licence extension and support you through every step of the process. Most tasks are done for you with a power of attorney so you save your time and avoid the bureaucratic hassles. Your visa and trade licence are both extended for another 2 years and can be used to apply for permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

What’s in your Visa Extension for Freelancers Package

  • Complete preparation of all the paperwork needed for your residency visa and trade licence extension:
  • No debts statement from the Czech Social Security Office
  • No debts statement from the Czech Tax Office
  • No debts statement from the Czech Customs Authority
  • No debts statement from VZP/OZP (US citizens only)
  • Proof of adequate income (previous year’s tax filing)
  • Social security payment receipts
  • Health insurance payment receipts (US citizens only)
  • Lodging of your visa renewal application on your behalf
  • Monitoring of your application status with regular updates
  • Arrangement of unlimited bridging visas while your visa renewal is being approved
  • Arrangement of unlimited trade licence extensions
  • Arrangemenet of health insurance extension
  • Handling of any technical issues
  • Complete organization of your biometric card process
  • Support in-person
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. Proof of your legal accommodation in the Czech Republic for at least 2 years (e.g. rental contract, ownership deed, or proof of accommodation form from the legal property owner)
  3. Two (2) passport ID-sized photos*
  4. A signed power of attorney for our arrangement of your extension of Freelancer visa and Residency permit (to be completed at our office)
  5. Proof of public health insurance (US citizens) or commercial health insurance (non-US citizens)**
*Photos should be in colour and 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm with a white background
**If you don’t have commercial health insurance, we’re happy to arrange a discounted policy for you. Check out a range of policies here


The fixed fee for your Visa Extension for Freelancers Package is 19.200 CZK - this fee can be paid in instalments

Czech government costs: 2.500 CZK in processing stamps to the Ministry of the Interior. We cover all other processing fees at Czech government offices


  1. Book your appointment with us
  2. Send us a scan of the proof of accommodation or rent contract
  3. Meet at our offices and bring all the documents you need to provide
  4. Sign the power of attorney for the arrangement of your visa extension
  5. We prepare and lodge your application for you
  6. You come with us to collect your first bridging visa while your visa renewal is being processed
  7. We extend your trade licence for you
  8. You come with us to collect your second bridging visa
  9. We extend your trade licence again
  10. Your visa extension is approved! We arrange the process for your new biometric card
  11. Your biometric card is ready! We come with you to pick it up
  12. We extend your trade licence one last time, and the renewal process is completed!

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