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Czech proof of accommodation for Czech Visa

If you are applying for any type of Czech visa/residency, you need to present proof of accommodation or rental contract. Since you will not be given your original contract you will have to make a legalized copy of the rental contract which can depend on the number of pages you have expensive (33 kč per page ) That is why we are recommending everyone to get proof of accommodation.

Advantages of having proof of accommodation than rent contract

1. 0 costs;
If you use your rental contract for the residency file then you should leave the original rent contract or make legal copies of the rent contract. A legal copy of each page will cost 33 kč per page
2. Incomplete documents;
If your rental contract has been extended in the last few years you should provide "Amendments" which you might not find
3. Signature;
For proof of accommodation only one legal owner can sign but for rental contract all of them
4. Proof of accommodation can be sent by the landlord's databox in case if he doesn't live in the Czech Republic

Signatures and authorizations

Proof of accommodation should be signed by the legal owner of the property or it can be signed by the person representing them in which case you would have to provide the original Power of attorney or legal copy of the power of attorney. If you are a Non-EU citizen then the signature of the owner should be legalized.
If you are an EU citizen, the signature of the owner doesn’t need to be authorized unless you are applying for a Czech Permanent residency!

If the apartment has multiple owners, The proof of accommodation should be signed at least by 50% of the shareholders. Proof of accommodation for permanent residency of EU citizens should be authorized.

Duration of the proof of accommodation

If you are an EU-citizen duration of the proof of accommodation doesn’t have a fixed period requirement.
Non-EU citizens’ duration of Czech residency/visa depends on the duration of the accommodation proof. For example, if your proof of accommodation is for 2 years, your long-term residency will be also for 2 years.

It is important to have proof of accommodation for a maximum period of time. According to Czech immigration, the first long-term visa is issued for a maximum of 12 months from the date of approval. If you are hoping to get your first visa for the maximum period of time, your accommodation proof should be for at least 16 months because your visa approval process can take up to 4 months

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