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Conditions for Permanent residency

Who is qualified for permanent residency in the Czech Republic?

If the foreigner was living 3 years in another EU country with Blue Card and 2 years in the Czech Republic – you will be able to get permanent residence.
Who can apply for permanent residence before 5 years continuously stay with humanity reason?
a) Humanity reasons apply for:
  • spouse of refugee (if the marriage was registered before one of the spouses entered the Czech Republic);
  • the kid of the refugee under 18 (if the child didn’t apply for refugee status);
  • former Czech citizens.
b) Specific circumstances
c) If it is in the interest of the Czech Republic
d) Minor child of a permanent residence holder
e) If the cancellation of the permanent residence was not older than 3 years (NOTE: only if it was cancelled because the permanent residence holder was out of the EU for 12 months; only if it was cancelled because the permanent residence holder was out of the EU for 6 years)
f) After 2 years of having temporary residency as a family member of the EU who has permanent residence in the Czech Republic.

How to count the years for Permanent residence?

1 year is half for a foreigner who:
  • holds a long-term visa for purpose of staying “studies” D/VC/24 or D/VC/23;
  • was out of the Czech Republic for more than 310 days (NOTE: it does not apply for foreigners who was pregnant, with health issue);
1 year for 1 year with the purpose of staying “ostatní” D/VC/99.

Who doesn’t need to pass the Czech language test?

  1. Children under 15 y.o.;
  2. In the last 20 years you’ve been studying continuously in Czech school (primary and middle schools) or a minimum 1 year in Czech at Czech University or you studied at Czech linguistic school;
  3. Proof of alternative test of Czech language that can be considered equal with the Czech language school;
  4. EU + non-EU Family Member;
  5. People with disabilities;
  6. Over 60 y.o;


  • State security;
  • Fake documents;
  • Regarding polygamy (if you already reunited with 1 of your wives it is impossible to do it with your second one);
  • Disrupt public order;
  • Wrong information during the interview;
  • Did not fulfil the conditions for long-term stays;
  • Active deportation from another EU country.

Reasons for cancellation of permanent residency

  • Getting Czech citizenship;
  • Getting deported;
  • Death;
  • Foreigners convicted for more than 3 years;
  • Or foreigner convicted for 3 years continuously.

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