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Types of parking zones in Prague

Parking zone types in Prague

Parking for residents (blue zone)

The most common parking permit in Prague is the one for residents.
Who can get a parking permit for the blue zone?
  • Resident
  • Owner of property in Prague
  • Freelancer/legal person with a business address in Prague

It is possible to park on the blue zone 3 hours within 24 hours but it should be paid the same as on orange/white zone.

NOTE: For arranging a parking permit in Prague (blue zone), you should be a *direct owner of a car.
*Prague Parking permission on blue zones is also possible if you have a leased car or the car from your employer. For leased cars, you should provide leasing contracts and for the car from your Czech employer, you should provide a confirmation letter.

Parking for visitors (orange zone)

Also very popular and used parking zone in Prague. It’s possible to park here for everyone who pays for the parking machine. You can recognize this zone by orange stripes on the ground.

Mixed parking (purple zone)

This parking permit is a mix of the orange and blue zone. Parking spots in the purple zone can be used by people who have permits for the blue zone in a specific area. Purple zone in Prague can be also used by anyone else without a parking permit if a fee for parking is paid.

Fees for parking permits

Yearly 6 months 3 months

Residents 1200 CZK 600 CZK 300 CZK
Residents over 65 years and ZTP (severe health disability) 360 CZK 180 CZK 90 CZK
Abonent (businessman with 7000 CZK 3500 CZK 1750 CZK
work establishment)
Residents will pay 7000 CZK for a second vehicle. For a third vehicle and every other it is 24 000 CZK - 36 000 CZK based on the zone tariff.

Parking fees in paid zones

How to pay the parking fees?

Virtual parking meter There is now only a few physical parking fee machines in the city. During the payment, the registration plate and lenght of parking is put in the system and it’s possible to pay by card or coins.
When it comes to parking in blue zones, it is only possible to pay through a mobile app “MPLA.IO”. To pay, it is necessary to insert the following information: - number of the parking zone - registration plate number - lenght of parking - debit card number and other card payment details

The amount depends on the type of the zone - in blue zones the fees are fixed - 40, 60 or 80 CZK/ hour. In other zones the fees might be the same, but can be lower too. The exact fee is always shown in the MPLA.IO application or for example on the website (all you need to do is search the street you want to park at).

Merging of fines

The parking permits are regularly checked by vehicles of the company Eltodo, equipped with cameras. Once they spot a car without a valid parking permit, a fine is sent to the owner of the vehicle. The fine is sent every time, when the vehicle is spotted, so it is possible for the owner to receive multiple fines for the same parking spot.
What you can do in this case is to not pay the fines and wait for the due date to pass and to legal processings to start, because according to law and its terms, only one fine for all the merged offenses. The best thing to do, however, is directly contact the person who issued the fine, as they are often very accommodating and will appreciate the effort on your side - you maid avoid paying multiple fines then.

Free parking in Prague 2022/2023

There are still a few districts of Prague that do not have blue zones implemented, and thus the parking is free (in the designated parking spots, of course). Some of the districts are for example:
  • Prague 8 - Troja
  • Prague 11 - Chodov, Háje
  • Prague 13 - Stodulky, Reporyje, Jinonice
Of course, these are mostly on the outskirts of Prague, but are suitable for longer-term parking.

Electromobiles and motorcycles

As long as they are registered as a vehicle at the Magistrate, parking with electromobiles and motorcycles is free in all the zones, even for non-residents.

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