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Types of parking zones in Prague

Parking zone types in Prague

Parking for residents (blue zone)
The most common parking permit in Prague is the one for residents.
Who can get a parking permit for the blue zone?
  • Resident
  • Owner of property in Prague
  • Freelancer/legal person with a business address in Prague
NOTE: For arranging a parking permit in Prague (blue zone), you should be a direct owner of a car.

Parking for visitors (orange zone) Also very popular and used parking zone in Prague. It’s possible to park here for everyone who pays for the parking machine. You can recognize this zone by orange stripes on the ground.

Mixed parking (purple zone) This parking permit is a mix of the orange and blue zone. Parking spots in the purple zone can be used by people who have permits for the blue zone in the specific area. Purple zone in Prague can be also used by anyone else without parking permit if a fee for parking is paid.
Other alternatives
  • P+R paid parking spots for people who use public transport, usually can be found near metro stations
  • K+R free parking spots for people who need to stop somewhere for a couple of minutes, pick up some other passenger
  • Parking slots for a lease