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Vintage car

How to register a vintage car in the Czech Republic?

According to the regulations, an old car becomes vintage after its age surpasses 30 years. After this milestone, you can ask for a Vintage car documents and number plate.

What do I need to do?
Vintage car registration largely depends on the International technical codex FIVA 2010. This codex sorts vintage cars into different categories such as standard, modified, copies and replicas and based on the level of preservation like original, authentic, renovated and rebuilt.
To receive the vintage car documents, the vehicle needs to be tested by the Regional test commission or a historical vehicle club. The test is composed of two main parts, one that tests the historical eligibility and one that focuses on the technical suitability.
For the first part, historical eligibility test, you will need to provide the vehicle in question and a roadworthiness test documents. You will also need to bring:
- filled out application form for the club test
- filled out test protocol
- all vehicle specifications
- the locatization of identification marks
- 12 photographs 6x9 cm (6x front-left side and 6x rear-right side)
If the vehicle passes both of the tests, you can register it as a vintage vehicle at a designet registration office (each region has one). Before you do that, however, you will need to get a special vintage car insurance. If the registration is approved, you will receive a historical vehicle registration card, a registration certificate and special number plates.
How much is it going to cost me?
The costs depend on whether you choose your vehicle to be tested at the historical vehicle club or by the regional commission. It is usually between 300-800 CZK.