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Youth Mobility Visa (YMV)

YMV helps young people to travel the world and find themselves without any permanent staying.
Bilateral Agreements between the Czech Republic and certain third countries allow young workers to apply for a special kind of visa to facilitate the international experience in the Czech Republic. This type of visa also calls a “Working Holiday Visa”. Young people from 18 to 30/35 years old can apply and get a visa for 1 year, sometimes for 2. You can apply for this type of visa only once and it is impossible to extend it, but you will be able to stay in the Czech Republic if you get a student visa, work visa or etc.
To check if you are able to apply for YMV you can with the Czech Embassy in your home country.
When and How to apply for Youth Mobility Visa to the Czech Republic
The process takes 40-50 days and the legal deadline is 60 days. It is better to apply 3 months in advance of the beginning of your trip.
For YMV you can apply in person or by mail, it depends on the requirements of the Czech Embassies in each country where it is possible to apply for this type of visa!