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Legal (certified) translations

Certified Czech translation information

What do I need a Czech certified translation for?
If you have a legal document or a certificate in a different language than Czech, you will need a legal translation to be able to use this document in the Czech Republic and for it to be accepted by the legal authorities.

Where can I get my Czech certified translation done?
A legal translation has to be done by a certified translator, who is appointed by a regional court.

Is the legal translation everything I need to get my documents accepted?
There are different types of certified translations.

The standard legal translation is sufficient when translating documents and certificates between countries that are in a so-called bilateral agreement. This agreement is between the Czech Republic and other countries and it requires only a legal translation as long as the document is one of the following:
  • Birth or death certificate;
  • Legal name;
  • Marriage or registered partnership certificates, divorce documents;
  • Parentage and adoption documents;
  • Documents confirming nationality;
  • Criminal clearance report;
  • Notary documents.
Apart from the standard one, in some cases, you may need to get a legal translation that contains an addition of an apostille. You can read more about apostille and search whether or not the country in question is a part of this requirement here.
If the country in question does not have a bilateral contract with the Czech Republic and is not a part of the apostille agreement, you will need super legalization alongside your certified translation. The list of the countries requiring super legalization can be also found here.

How much is it going to cost me?
The official Czech translation of the documents costs anywhere from 400 to 900 CZK depending on the language and norm page number. For the apostille and the super legalization, there are additional costs depending on the number of required official “stamps” necessary.

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