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How to set up a databox (datova schránka) in the Czech Republic

A data mailbox enables you to send electronic documents to public authorities free of charge.

Advantages :

- It saves time and money from post office fees
- You can send the documents anytime online, you don’t depend on opening hours
- No visits to the post office
- All Czech authorities will contact you through your data box.
You can register for databox at any place that has Czech point

Czech POINT can be found at most of the Czech Post offices, municipal authorities, notaries, and some embassies. The identity of the applicant is verified at the contact point according to the submitted document - most often an identity card or passport, residence permit, visa sticker, or residence sticker.
Most requests for the establishment of a data box of a natural person and a natural person engaged in business are processed on the spot and the applicant receives a confirmation of the establishment of a data box.

If you decide to set up your data box in the post office you should choose Czech point service on the screen then say at the window –

Chtěl bych zřídit datovou schránku

Here you can book your appointment for Czech Point service before you go to the post office: https://www.postaonline.cz/en/rezervace