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Czech Citizenship

How to get Czech Citizenship and who is qualified?

How can I get Czech citizenship?
The citizens of another country with permanent residency in the Czech Republic can be granted Czech citizenship by meeting certain requirements.

Who can get Czech citizenship?
The Ministry of Interior can grant Czech citizenship to a person who is:
Integrated into Czech society through:
  • Family;
  • Work;
  • Social connections.

While ALSO:
1) has permanent residency in the Czech Republic. If the person is a third country (non-EU) citizen, they need to have lived in the Czech Republic for at least 5 consecutive years. For EU citizens it is 3 consecutive years.
There are some possible exemptions from this rule, such as: being born in the Czech Republic, at least one of the parents being a Czech citizen, a spouse or registered partner being a Czech citizen, being adopted by a Czech citizen after reaching adulthood, and others.
2) is actually living in the Czech Republic. The applicant needs to prove they have been living in the Czech Republic for at least half of the duration of their permanent residency while the consecutive duration of their absence cannot exceed 2 months unless it was for grave reasons such as pregnancy, serious illness, study or work purposes.
3) has to get criminal clearance
4) has to prove Czech language proficiency
5) has to prove knowledge of the Czech constitutional system and general cultural, historical, geographical, and societal realities of the Czech Republic
6) has not in the last 3 years violated law regulations concerning taxes, social security, migration regulations, health insurance, customs, and others
7) has to present income information for the past 3 years (amount of income and tax reports)
8) cannot be dependent on the social support system of the Czech Republic unless it is for grave reasons.

Where can I get Czech citizenship?
You have to personally fill out an application at the regional office based in the area of your permanent address. Afterwards, the office will send it to the Ministry of Interior, where the final decision will be made. Keep in mind the Ministry of Interior can invite you for an interview before they decide.

What do I have to bring with me?
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate or divorce documents;
  • Criminal clearance report;
  • Curriculum vitae in the Czech language including proofs and information about living in the Czech Republic (your work contracts, accommodation contracts, etc.);
  • Proof of proficiency in the Czech language;
  • Confirmation of study (if relevant).
Documents issued by a different country need to be apostilled and translated by an official translator.

How much is it going to cost me?
You will have to pay 2000,- CZK if you get granted Czech citizenship (if you are a legal adult; 500,- CZK if the applicant is under 18 years old). In special cases, the Ministry of Interior may lower these costs.

How long is it going to take?
The regional office has a deadline of 30 days to forward the application to the Ministry of Interior. Afterwards, the Ministry has a deadline of 180 days from the date they receive the application to present the applicant their decision.

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