Activation of paused trade license

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Did you pause your Czech trade license (živno) in the Czech Republic and would you like to resume it?
We take care of all the steps needed to resume your Czech trade license using a power of attorney. You don’t have to visit any trade license or tax authorities.

What's in your Trade license (Zivno) Resume Package?

  • Complete trade license activation
  • Registration from: Tax Office, Social Security Office, and Public health insurance
  • Fast and clear answers to all your questions
PLUS we take care of all of the authorities’ fees.

What you need to provide

  1. Passport and scan of your passport
  2. Confirmation of paused trade license
  3. Power of attorney signed at our office


  1. Book your appointment with us. Bring the documents you need to provide;
  2. Sign the Power of attorney for your activation;
  3. We take care of the entire activation process in 24 hours (72 hours if it’s the weekend).
We are also able to arrange the activation of your Czech trade license remotely!


4 800

Complete service amount

*Kids free of charge!