Biometric card for British citizens after Brexit

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Under the withdrawal agreement, British citizens and their family members who already live in the Czech Republic will retain their existing rights. But it will be necessary to prove a legal stay in the Czech Republic by holding temporary or permanent residence.
People who already hold temporary or permanent residence, after Brexit will need to apply and get a biometric card.
British citizens who enter the territory of the Czech Republic before Brexit will be considered as third-nationals. It is possible to apply for the biometric card only after 2.8.2021.

What’s in your Biometric card Package?

  • Complete assistance with your Biometric card
  • Interpretation and support at your Biometric appointment application
  • Interpretation and support at your Biometric appointment collection
  • Our experts on hand to answer all your questions

What you need to provide

  1. Passport
  2. Legal stay in the Czech Republic (temporary or permanent residence)


  1. Meet us at our office;
  2. We provide support and interpretation throughout the process of your biometric's card application;
  3. We came with you to collect your biometric card


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