Tax Report for Self-employed

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Freelancers (trade license holders) in the Czech Republic must submit a tax report once every year. The annual tax report states income earned, health and social insurance contributions, any deductibles or tax credits, and the remaining balance owed in taxes. This means collecting official statements, preparing documents, and often traveling from office to office, but here Pexpats can help!
We handle everything: from collecting and preparing documents, to fulfilling your tax report accurately and on time. There’s even free consultation along the way and guaranteed after-service support with your package should you require any additional help. You don’t have to leave home or the office, and you won’t even need to visit us in-person. We can handle your affairs all remotely and on your schedule, with everything included in our Tax Report package.

What’s in your Income Tax Report Package?

  • Complete preparation of your annual tax report
  • Calculation of annual income tax owed
  • Confirmation of social and health insurance contributions
  • Completion of social and health insurance reports
  • Accounting and reporting of any tax credits and deductibles
  • Preparation of English-language summary of tax rebates/payments
  • Step-by-step instructions for receiving rebates / making payments
  • Consultation with verified tax accountants to answer any of your questions
  • Completely remote preparation and filing if you have DataBox (datova schránka)
  • Guaranteed after-service support should any complications arise
  • All of this and more at one fixed price, with no hidden or additional fees

What you need to provide

  • Completed questionnaire
  • Scans or photos of all invoices from the previous year
  • Bank statements from the last year from the account linked to your business


  1. Fill in the information form and email us the required documents;
  2. We calculate your taxes and send them through your complete income tax return and social and health insurance statements;
  3. We send you instructions on all payments;
  4. You send off your tax return and you’re good for another year!


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