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Visiting the hospitals with Czech commercial health insurance for foreigners

If you have comprehensive health insurance for foreigners, We highly recommend that you visit hospitals that have a contract with your insurance company. The Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady hospital has the best reputation in the Czech Republic; they have all types of doctors including GPs. They have a separate department especially for the English and Russian-speaking expats.

Instructions for AXA clients in case of health problem

Please, Call nonstop AXA client support. You can find the phone number at the backside of your insurance card or call directly at +420 292 292 220

Once you connected to the customer support of AXA, they will ask for your insurance number. You can find your insurance number on the right top of your insurance card. After explaining your pain or health problem. They will help you to choose The Best English-speaking hospitals and give you all instructions.

When visiting the hospital you do not need to have a recommendation from your GP because the receptionist of the Expats department will arrange that you see a GP in the same Building.

In case you prefer using a hospital of your choice which does not have a contract with AXA, you will pay cash and you will need to contact AXA for a payment refund. You can download an application form for a payment refund here. You should fill out the application form, sign it, attach the pictures of invoices and email it to

In case if you have any emergency or a misunderstanding occurs, please contact us by email at

How to get to The Fakultní nemocnice Královské Vinohrady hospital?

If you visit the hospital with public transportation:
  • From north side of the hospital from street U Vinohradské nemocnice, Šrobárova MAP
Metro A-line – metro station Želivského Tram number 4, 5, 16, 26 – tram stop Želivského Bus number 124, 139, 150, 163, 188, 213, 297 bus stop Želivského
  • From the south side of the hospital from Ruská Street MAP Tram number 4, 7, 22, 24 – tram stop Kubánské náměstí Bus number 136- bus stop Kubánské náměstí
If you visit the hospital by car or taxi you should go to Šrobárova 1150/50, 100 00 Praha 10-Vinohrady

*After the last law updates, PVZP became the major insurance company in the Czech republic. The same steps for visiting the hospitals apply for PVZP clients also

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