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Czech Plate Numbers

The types of Czech plate numbers

There are several different types of plate numbers: the most common are standard, on request, special and transport plate numbers. Below you can see each type explained.

Standard plate number
Most drivers carry standard plate numbers and they are meant for all motor vehicles but are divided by different types of vehicles with the colour combinations of the letters and backgrounds. For example, standard passenger cars have a white background and black letters.

On request
Drivers can ask for a custom combination plate number if they want. You can apply for it at the local municipal office (at the location the car has been registered) and its cost is 10.000 CZK. You can create practically any combination that is not derogatory or insulting.

There are several different types of special license plates. For example, a diplomatic license plate, veteran car plate, sports car plate etcetera.

Transport plate numbers are for vehicles that have yet to be approved for the service and are specifically meant for the vehicle’s transport from the selling place to the car registration location. These plate numbers are printed on cardboard and green in colour. Another form of a transport plate number are manipulation plate numbers, used for example on vehicles at the auto salon or testing ride vehicles.
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