Maternity Pay Calculator

In the Czech Republic, employed women who have been working in the country for at least one year can qualify for maternity pay. Use the calculator below to see how much you could receive while on maternity leave in 2024. Note: This calculator is only for taking maternity leave while under full-time employment.

Maternity Pay Calculator

Enter Gross salary and leave days for maternity payment calculation


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It’s possible to claim Czech maternity leave from 6 to 8 weeks before the expected date of birth. This is with a duration of 28 weeks (or 37 weeks for twins). To claim this benefit, you also must have had full-time employment, or been out of work for less than 180 days (only for women). Note: Paternity leave in the Czech Republic has different rules, and also different instructions you must follow.
There is a difference between claiming maternity and taking maternity leave. Maternity is simply support which your employer provides because you are not able to work. Maternity leave on the other hand is additional support from the Czech government while you are raising a child (children) and cannot work.
Maternity leave in the Czech Republic is 70% from the tax base over the past 12 months. You then divide this by the number of days over the period. Due to this, the monthly payment can change every month, as you count maternity leave by days instead of full months. The monthly limit for Czech maternity leave in 2024 is CZK 34,620. There are also no other taxes or fees which you pay from the final amount. Also, if your gross salary is higher than the average in the Czech Republic (approximately CZK 108,000), you can claim up to CZK 43,470.
Parents in the Czech Republic can qualify for both paternity leave and maternity leave. However, the amount you can claim differs for each situation, and around your individual case. For example, your leave entitlement will depend on your previous income, as well as other factors of your financial situation. To get assistance, Pexpats can help you navigate any questions, calculate how much you could receive, and assist in the legal process. Just let us know how we can help you start or continue to grow your family in the Czech Republic.
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