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Our Czech online mortgage calculator shows you the amount of your loan monthly instalment. You will also find the instalment annual schedule for your home mortgage.


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    Online Czech mortgage Calculator

    The Czech National Bank doesn’t set any limits for interest fees or instalments in proportion to an applicant’s income. There is only one rule, that the mortgage covers a maximum 90% of the price of the real estate you want to purchase. The Czech online mortgage calculator can help give you an idea of what you could pay on your Czech home loan.

    You can find an example of how it works below

    John wants to buy an apartment which costs 2 500 000CZK. He has 500 000CZK in savings and will take out a Czech home loan from the bank. The amount of the loan will be 2 000 000CZK with an interest rate of 4%. The mortgage must be paid within 20 years. John needs to know how much he should pay monthly and if he can even afford the house mortgage. He will compare his current rental payments with the mortgage month instalment sum. His current rent costs 13 000CZK per month.

    • The loan amount is 2 000 000CZK
    • Interest fee will be 4%
    • Repayment period is 20 years
    • 12 payments per year
    • Regular month payment will be 12 119,61CZK, which is more valuable for John.
    How much does my income affect my mortgage?

    The Czech National Bank holds that an applicant’s debt should not be more than eight times the applicant’s annual clean income, and the monthly payment of his loan should not be more than 40% of the applicant’s monthly clean income. The next step is to find the best mortgage rates in the Czech Republic for you.

    How do I get an advantageous mortgage?

    The higher your creditworthiness is, the lower the interest fee on your mortgage will be. You can achieve this by increasing your income, lowering your debts or arranging the mortgage with a co-applicant or guarantor. Finding the best mortgage rates in Czech Republic can take some time but will be worth it.

    How do I know if the mortgage is fair?

    Generally, Czech mortgage rates could be fair if one of the conditions is not setting up additional insurance, or if there are no fees for paperwork and administration. Feel free to research or ask us about Czech mortgage interest rates to ensure you are getting a good investment mortgage.

    How high of a loan can I get?

    Banks usually give Czech home loans a maximum of 80% of the value of your real estate. It could even be up to 90% in some exceptional cases.

    Can I get a mortgage with no savings?

    No, unfortunately this is not possible. You should already have at least 10% of the value of the real estate you want to purchase. If you don’t have this money, you can guarantee the value with some other real estate you own.

    For what purpose can I get a mortgage?

    Many take out Czech home loans, or a home mortgage, to buy a house in the Czech Republic. You can take out a house mortgage for this purpose, or investment mortgage for investors to buy rental properties.

    What interest rate can I get on my mortgage in the Czech Republic?

    People often want to find the best mortgage rates in Czech Republic. Our Czech online mortgage calculator can show you what you could be paying each month and give you an idea of Czech mortgage rates. You could also explore fixed mortgage rates.

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