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Proof of funds for Czech visa renewal – Change the number of normative costs for housing

Czech business visa renewal and income proof. The highest amount of normative costs for housing since 1 January 2021 according to Government Regulation No. 580/2020  Coll. is

CZK 8 775 for one person
CZK 12 205 for two people in a family
CZK 16 337 for three people in a family
CZK 20 077 for four and more people in a family

If you have czech zivno visa and you need to extend it in the future, we don’t recommend using the flat tax method which is possible from 1.1.2021. As with flat tax, you don’t apply for an income tax return, there will not be a possibility to provide your income documents for visa renewal.

Full information on income proof for Czech visa renewal can be found here.