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Czech driver’s license for foreigners

Exchanging driver's license for foreigners in the Czech Republic

Foreigners have two options to obtain a Czech driver’s license. Option one is changing your driver’s license from your home country to a Czech one. Option two is going through the full process as a first-time driver at a driving school.
After Brexit, UK citizens are still able to exchange their driver's license, as it meets EU standards!

A) Eu Citizens and citizens of some countries who have the agreement with Czech authorities

EU citizens and citizens of some countries can exchange their driver’s license which was obtained from their home country. The most important condition to get a driver’s license exchanged is proof of a 6 months stay in the Czech Republic. Be advised, that a temporary residency certificate is not proof of a 6-month stay! The proof of stay in the Czech Republic can be a lease agreement, bank statement, or work contract for the past 6 months. If you are a Trade license holder, you can provide your income tax report from the previous year or health insurance payment statements for the last 6 months. Read about prooving a fiscal residency below

Any damaged or expired driver’s license which was issued in an EU country can be exchanged for a Czech driver’s license.

B) Citizens of Third countries

Most citizens of third countries should go through the procedure as new drivers. According to the current law, you should have 26 hours of driving experience with an accredited driving school instructor, plus a study of theoretical tests. You should bring the general letter of health and eligibility of the driver from GP to the school. The form can be downloaded here. Both these services are provided by the driving school. The school will make an appointment for both the tests and the exam.

You don’t speak Czech?

If you don’t speak Czech, you can hire a translator for the tests.  After you pass the tests, you will be able to continue with the second part of the exam which is the driving skills portion. After successfully passing the driving skills aspect, you will get an application form with the stamps from school and the examination results.
After successfully passing these steps, you can apply for your driver’s license. The procedure of registration and producing your driver's license takes approximately 20 days.
Foreigners must prove 6 months stay in the Czech Republic, therefore they have a biometric card that’s older than 6 months. Most third-country nationals have residency permits for 2 years and renew them for the next 2 years each time. If you have just collected your new biometric card and it is not older than 6 months, the only solution is getting a confirmation of your full legal stay history from the immigration office.

Confirmation of full legal stay in the Czech Republic for Third nationalities

You can download the confirmation from here and apply for it at any immigration office. The service fee of immigration offices is 15 CZK that will be paid with stamps once collected! if You are visiting the MOI offices without an appointment, you should get the number/ticket OTHERS.

Exchanging drivers license for Non-EU citizens

If your driver’s license is written in the Latin alphabet and the numbers (for example number 3- date of birth ) are the same as in the Czech driver’s license you can exchange your driver's license for a Czech one without the obligation to pass the driver’s test one again. The exchange of your driver’s license for a Czech driver’s license will be free of charge if you change it after 90 days of your legal stay because when you have residency in the Czech Republic, it is mandatory to exchange the driver's license for a Czech one after 3 months.

NOTE: Japanese and South Korea have a bilateral agreement with the Czech Republic. As long as your driver's license is translated officially from Japanese or Korean to the Czech language, you can exchange it with no problems.

Most common problems during the Czech driver’s license exchange

  • Your foreign driver’s license doesn’t match EU standards - every number is connected to specific info about a driver (e.g: 1 (surname), 2 (first name)
  • You will not be able to prove 6 months staying in the Czech republic
  • You don’t speak Czech and didn’t bring a translator with you

If you need help exchanging your driver's license, feel free to contact us!


Proving your fiscal residency in the Czech Republic is required for some specific acts, such as application for your first driver’s license or the Exchange of your foreign driver’s license. The process of proving the residency can be very challenging since the person to whom you present the documents can have its own rules and opinions on the presented documents.

So, how to prove it?

Let’s work with the example of the driver’s license exchange application. Fiscal residency should be proven for the past 6 months in this case. Documents that can be used are the following:
- Rental agreement
- Work contract (if you have a work contract for an unlimited period, you shall additionally present a confirmation from your employer that your employment hasn’t been terminated and that you still work at that company)
- Income Tax report
- Trade license
- Bank statements
- Utility bills (gas, electricity, TV, internet)
- Invoices from your career provider (phone, mobile data, … ) – O2, Vodafone, T-Mobile, …
- Prague parking permit confirmation
- Confirmation about your public transport payments (Lítačka)
- Czech residency (temporary residence of EU citizen or any other residence of NON-EU residence) – If you are a holder of the Czech Permanent residence, you don’t need to prove your fiscal residency!

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