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Car certificate lost and arrangement of duplicate

What to do in case of a lost car certificate?
In the Czech Republic, there are two types of car certificates used: the certificate of roadworthiness and car registration certificate. The former is usually kept at home and only used when the car is taken for a vehicle registration check (STK) every two years, while the latter has to be kept on a person while driving to be presented during Police checks. But what can you do If you lose either of those documents?

How should I report the loss of a car certificate?
If either of your car certificates has been damaged or lost, you need to report it to the Regional Office. You will then receive a duplicate.
If your certificate has been stolen, you will need to report the theft to the Police, who will then give you a document confirming the theft. Afterwards, you shall bring this confirmation to the Regional Office.
The loss of a car certificate should be reported as soon as possible.

What do you need to bring?
For the Regional Office to be able to issue you a duplicate, you will need to bring:
- your identity card
- for foreigners, you will need to bring also a residency permit or asylum documentation
- the other car certificate (either roadworthiness or registration)
- in the case of a theft, the theft confirmation document.

How long is it going to take?
The issuing of a duplicate should be immediate unless there are some complications, in which it should take no more than 30 days.

How much is going to cost me?
The standard fare is 100 CZK. This fee, unfortunately, has to be paid even in the case of a theft.

Note: If either a small or big one is lost, the other one left can be used for immediate re-issuing. If none of the car certificates are present, this needs to be solved with a special car registry office.

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