Employee Tax Return Calculator

This calculator will help you determine if you should or must file an employee tax return in the Czech Republic. Simply fill in your information and check the boxes which apply to your unique situation. Calculations take into account how much your employer paid, including any tax relief, discounts, and bonuses you can receive. Find how much you can receive from filing an employee return, or learn when tax laws require that you file.


Employee Tax Return Calculator

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What information do I need to use this calculator?

In order to use this calculator, you need a Confirmation of Taxable Refund from your employer. In Czech, this is the Potvrzení o zdanitelných příjmech (POZP). It is an official earning document that declares an employee’s salary, paid taxes, and other information. Most employers will provide this document by the middle of January, although employees can also request one.

When does it make sense to voluntarily file an employee tax report?

In some cases, it can be advantageous for employees to voluntarily file their taxable income. This is due to employers claiming only the standard taxpayers’ discount on the employee tax return. By law, the employer is not responsible to claim any additional tax discounts, bonuses, or relief on your behalf. This means you can miss out on ways to reduce your tax burden and increase your return in the end. The most common examples include claims for a non-working spouse, child-rearing, kindergarten fees, private pension investments and mortgage payments.

When is it obligatory for me to file my own employee tax return?

If you tick any of the boxes in the calculator after kindergarten fees, you must file a taxable income report. This includes if you worked for two employers at once, or earned above standard income. It is also necessary to file if declaring side income from self-employment, capital gains, rental income, and other taxable revenue. You will as well have to file if earning occasional income over CZK 30 000, or for receiving non-exempt gifts.

I worked for only one employer. Does it make sense for me to file an employee tax return?

If you are entitled to bonuses beyond the standard taxpayer’s discount, it can make sense to voluntarily file. For example, if you had kindergarten fees, or made private pension investments. Your employer will not declare these in your tax return. However, each can significantly reduce your tax burden. Thus, calculate if it’s worth it for you to file based on the total amount of discounts, bonuses, and relief you can claim.

How do I determine the bonus amount I am eligible to claim?

When you tick a box in the calculator, the standard bonus amount for the full year displays by default. If you are not entitled to the full year, you will need to manually change the amount. Take for example if you were married for only part of the year. In this case, you are not entitled to the full bonus amount for a non-working spouse. The same is true for claiming children, mortgage payments, and other bonuses. If you do not qualify for the entire year, divide the standard bonus by 12 months. Then, calculate the amount by the number of months you are claiming.

I was married for 10 months of the last year. How do I calculate the tax bonus?

The standard bonus for claiming a non-working spouse is CZK 24 840 for the full year. This amounts to CZK 2,070 per month. If claiming only 10 months, that’s CZK 2,070 x 10 = 20 700 you are entitled to claim for the year.

I only worked for my employer for 3 months, but I paid kindergarten fees all year. Can I claim the full bonus for kindergarten fees?

Yes. Because you had deductible expenses for kindergarten fees all year, you can claim the full bonus amount. The same is true if you worked for only part of the year, but had a non-working spouse the entire tax period. You are entitled to claim the full bonus for the spouse, despite only having employment for part of the year.

I have two kids, and only worked for one employer. Does it make sense for me to file a return?

Yes. If you have two kids, it can be advantageous for you to file a return. Your employer will not claim the bonus for child-rearing for you. The bonus for a second child is CZK 22 320 for the full year (CZK 1,860 per month).

What is the deadline to file an employee tax return?

The deadline to file Czech income taxes for the current year is always March of the following year. For work in 2023, March 31 of 2024 is the deadline.

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